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Which Ceiling Fan is best in India – 2023

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Ceiling fans are one of the most basic necessities of every household. We can’t even imagine our lives without a ceiling fan, mostly due to its cost-efficient nature and availability, which is always there for any sort of family, right from rags to riches.

The ceiling fan provides instant relief in the summer season, which dominates the majority of days in an Indian calendar year.

Till today we use the same old ceiling fans, which have been the same since their very origination, but with the smart world, it is time for innovation in our ordinary ceiling fan, which also can provide more accessibility and easiness.

Thinking of a smart ceiling fan seems to be an alien thought to us and instantly raises an ocean of questions in our brains.

Mainly the price range is always the main concern among consumers, as not everyone wants to spend nuts on a ceiling fan, and an obvious question about the specifications and what to look for in a ceiling fan.

In addition to that, the Automberg brand is our very own Indian brand formed by the brilliant minds of IIT Bombay graduates.

But you, as our readers, can grab a seat and relax as in today’s segment, we have brought to you yet another home appliance, and the most important one of the categories is ceiling fans.

We will be addressing all your queries and sideways discussing its main features, and according to our habit, we will introduce you to one of the best ceiling fans in today’s market, that is Atomberg Renesa 1200mm BLDC Motor 5 Star Rated Ceiling Fans.

So, without any further ado, let’s look at the specification and features of Atomberg remote control fan one by one and find out if it is the best ceiling fan in India.

Atomberg Renesa 1200mm BLDC Motor 5-Star Rated Ceiling Fan




Key Specification





Remote Controlled, LED Light, Inverter Compatible

360 RPM

4.2 Kg


Made in

Features to consider Atomberg Renesa 1200mm Fan.

HIGH SPEED BLDC CEILING FAN WITH ENERGY SAVING: The Atomberg Renesa is the most powerful and energy-efficient fan with a 5-star rating. This high-speed fan comes with advanced atomSENSE algorithm delivering 360 RPM for an airflow rate of 235 CMM. The super-efficient BLDC motor draws only 28 watts (at speed 5) delivering upto 65% power saving & is ideal for homes and offices.

CEILING FAN WITH REMOTE CONTROL: The Renesa fan comes with an easy-to-use remote control that eliminates the need for an external regulator. You can adjust the fan’s speed or activate its unique features like boost mode, timer, or sleep mode with the click of a button. The remote works from anywhere in the room upto 20ft, making it convenient to use.

FAN WITH LED LIGHTS AND NOISELESS OPERATION: The Renesa ceiling fan has an elegant design with easy to clean aluminum blades. While the LED lights add modern styling and the matte finish elevates the overall decor of your room. Noiseless fan for better comfort.

• 2+1 YEAR WARRANTY: The Atomberg Renesa ceiling fan comes with a standard two years warranty. Additional one year warranty can be availed by registering your purchase on the Atomberg website.

• INNOVATIVE INVERTER STABILIZATION TECHNOLOGY: The Renesa ceiling fan runs with no drop in speed, during voltage fluctuations ranging between 140V-285V, thereby maintaining consistency. It runs 3 times longer on an inverter battery than ordinary fans, allowing you to enjoy cool air even during power outages.

• EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN: The Renesa ceiling fan has an elegant design. The powder coated aluminium blades are easy to clean and corrosion resistant.

BOX CONTENT: The box includes a warranty card, blade set, motor box, remote, 2 canopies, 1 downrod, and 1 shackle kit for easy installation.

About Atomberg

Atomberg is a young and innovative Indian brand formed by the graduates of IIT Bombay that specializes in the design and manufacture of energy-efficient and technologically advanced fans.

The Atomberg brand mostly focuses on ceiling fans as their main specialization and ensures quality and assurance in their products.

The Atomberg brand invests heavily in research and development to create products, and this Atomberg fan of theirs is no exception. So let us jump into its specifications and features one by one.

Design & Built

The Atomberg Remote Controle Fan has a sleek and modern design that complements any interior décor. The fan is available in three colors – white, brown, and ivory. The fan has three blades that are aerodynamically designed to ensure maximum air delivery and efficiency.

The blades are made of high-quality materials that ensure long-lasting performance and durability. The fan comes with a remote control that allows consumers to operate the fan from a distance.

The remote control has a sleek design that complements the design of the fan. Overall The design of the Atomberg fan is pretty standard and well thought of.


The Atomberg fan is equipped with a powerful BLDC motor that provides superior performance and energy savings. The BLDC motor consumes only 28 watts of power, which is almost 65% less than a traditional fan.

This makes it an ideal choice for consumers who want to save energy and reduce their electricity bills. In short, the motor is great and energy efficient.

Remote Control

The star of the show is definitely the remote control of the Atomberg remote control fan. The ceiling fan comes with a remote control that allows consumers to operate the fan from a distance.

The remote control has various features such as speed control, timer, and sleep mode. The sleep mode feature automatically reduces the speed of the fan after a certain time, which ensures a comfortable and peaceful sleep.





One of the most concerning this about a ceiling fan is its noise level which can affect your comfort ness by a huge margin. The Atomberg remote control fan operates silently, which makes it an ideal choice for consumers who want to enjoy a peaceful and comfortable environment.

LED Light Slot

One of our favorite aspects of the Atomberg fan is its slot to allow LED light installation, which allows us to customize the ceiling fan according to our comfort. The LED light kit can be easily controlled using the remote control that comes with the fan.

The remote control has various features, such as brightness control and an on/off switch, that allows consumers to control the LED lights according to their preferences.

Smart Features

If the ceiling is smart, it has to be equipped with some of the smart features around the market, and the Atomberg ceiling fan has loaded features to it. The Atomberg ceiling Fan has various smart features such as a temperature sensor and humidity sensors.

These sensors automatically adjust the speed of the fan according to the temperature and humidity level in the room. This ensures maximum comfort and energy savings for consumers.


The Atomberg Renesa Ceiling Fan is a top-quality product that provides consumers with maximum comfort and convenience while being highly energy-efficient.

A fascinating thing about the brand itself is that it was formed by young Indian minds from IIT Bombay with the vision to uplift Indian-made products in the market.

The fan’s BLDC motor ensures maximum air delivery while operating silently, making it an excellent choice for those who value a peaceful and comfortable environment.

The fan’s sleek and modern design is a great addition to any home or office, and the remote control feature adds a feather to the cap.

The fan is also 5-star rated for energy efficiency, which ensures that consumers save on their electricity bills in the long run. The fan’s high-quality materials and construction ensure that it provides long-lasting performance and durability.

While the fan does not come with an inbuilt LED light, it is designed to support LED lights, providing consumers with the option to customize the fan according to their preferences.

Overall, the Atomberg remote control Fan is an excellent choice for those looking for a top-quality, energy-efficient, and technologically advanced ceiling fan that provides maximum comfort and convenience.



Top Quality Ceiling Fan

The Atomberg Renesa Ceiling Fan is a top-quality, energy-efficient fan that provides maximum comfort and convenience while operating silently. It’s sleek design and remote control make it a great addition to any home or office.





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