You are currently viewing 1.5 ton Split AC 5 star inverter AC (Review) in India – 2023

1.5 ton Split AC 5 star inverter AC (Review) in India – 2023

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India is a country where summer enjoys the majority of days in a calendar year. The rise in temperatures brings out the major disturbances in our day to day works, and in many places, in the north or south, the weather on summer days become unbearable. To keep in place your comfort and carry out your works peacefully, an AC is the most required of all the products these days.

While choosing an AC, several computations go around on your mind as “will it consumes too much energy? Will it affects the environment? Can it provide the best cooling? “, well today we will be addressing all your concerns regarding your perfect Air conditioner by introducing the IFB 7 Stage Air Treatment 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split Inverter AC. This is an IFB inverter AC, made in India and also manufactured in India with twin-turbo compressors that take very lesser energy.

This IFB inverter AC may be the answer to all of your concerns if you are planning to buy an AC. This IFB inverter AC consumes very little electricity. It is completely environmentally friendly, with R32 gas in the refrigerator. Most importantly, it is made in Indian product, and parts are manufactured by IFB itself in India, unlike many other products that just assemble the parts in India’s name.

IFB is an Indian company that is one of the best in the market, and you can be completely assured that no Chinese product is used here, and using this IFB inverter AC can be the best option if you are boycotting china. Let us take a looks at what this IFB inverter AC has to offer.



Key Specification

AC Type 


1.5 Ton

Energy Rating 
5 Star

Condensor Type
100% Copper

10 years (T&C Applied)

Design & Capacity

The design is very standard done by the IFB with Premium Indoor Panel Marked by a Distinctive Chrome Strip. The Ac is a 1.5-ton giant, which is suitable for medium-sized rooms up to 150 feet. The design prospect is standard and very well up to the mark overall.

Compressor Efficiency

The IFB provides a twin-rotary compressor, which is, in simple words, using two invertors, making it very much efficient in its performances. The IFB also claims that it can provide ambient cooling in temperatures around 58 degrees, which gives you great performance; hence, you can be assured of its performance factors.

Power Consumption

Power consumption is one of the main factors that bothers almost the majority of us when we even think of purchasing an AC, but here you can be assured of low electricity bills as compared to other AC products. This is an IFB inverter AC and also using a dual inverter, giving you assurance over your electricity expenses. It comes with an Annual Energy Consumption: 853 and ISEER Value: 4.72.

Air Filtration

By the name itself, they highlight their 7 stage filtration features and to be honest, it is worth praise that they are providing one of the best filtration systems and features in the market. The IFB inverter AC provides you with many filters like an active carbon filter, dust filter, anti-bacterial filter and many more with a PM 0.3, which is a major talking point in itself as compared to other products of PM 0.3 it works very, very well as to clear tiniest of particles and bacterias.




Environmental Friendly

Suppose you are the ones who deeply care about nature like us and it always concerns about the harmful gases that used to dispose of by the ACs in nature and thy consequences. In that case, you must be completely carefree about the IFB inverter AC as it uses the R32 gas in the refrigerator, which is completely harmless and does not damage the ozone.

Noise Level

Sometimes the bad noise level can be very irritating and disturbing, so it is always good to check for a good noise level provided by the AC brand. The IFB inverter AC provides the 38 DB noise level, which is almost perfect.

Condenser Quality

The condenser coils and pipes are one of the most fragile parts of an AC product, and if they are not of good quality material, it is very hard for your AC to last for a standard period of time. The IFB inverter AC uses 100% copper in the coil material, which is great to have in the long run. The grouped pipe is used, and the nanotech quoting of green colour is used above the seabed to avoid any kind of rusting and corrosion; hence, you can be free from the pipe leakage issues.

Stabilizer Free Operation

The IFB doesn’t mention the stabilizer free operation anywhere, which may be its only drawback so, it is advised to use a good stabilizer for more safety.


The more expenses spent on a product, the more its safety concern rises, but not very much in the case of IFB inverter AC as the IFB provides one of the best warranty policies in the market, and the reason for that is they themselves are the producers of all the parts manufactured. The IFB inverter AC provides 1-year Warranty on Product + 4 years Super Warranty on Product * at an additional price of INR ₹899 plus tax + 5 years on ODU PCB, ten years on Compressor with terms and conditions applied. Your safety is very much kept in mind by the IFB, which made us very much more impressed.


The installation process is one of the haptic of a job after buying an AC, but IFB has worked the best regarding this matter as they provide Free Standard Installation and Free 3 Services. The IFB very well accomplishes the job in the field of warranty and installation services which was also bound to happen as IFB has the impression of providing one of the best services around.


The IFB inverter AC is one of the most premium and balanced AC in the market right now. The dual inverter compressor provides you with outstanding performance and also keeps checks on your electricity bills. The air-filtration system provided is one of the best around the market. With seven-stage filters, it stands out as unique in the very first of the impressions.

The IFB inverter AC also keeps in mind the environmental concerns; hence, it provides RG32 gas in the refrigerator vault, which doesn’t affect the ozone layer. A noise level of under 40db is provided to give you a comfortable feel. Material of Condensor coils and pipe is also provided such that there is little to no chances of leakage and last in the long run. The most important factors that push me towards it is that IFB is an Indian brand, and every part is manufactured in India itself, and it is always good to have an Indian product over others.

Overall, the IFB inverter AC clicks every parameter that one can demand in an air conditioner product, right from the quality, to power consumption to air filtration you ask and they have delivered in every aspect and, never to forget that IFB provides the best warranty and installation services in the market. If you are looking for an AC this summer, this may be your go through option right now.



Best Home Inverter Split AC

The IFB inverter AC is very powerful, power-efficient & comes with a dual inverter compressor. It has got all the elements to live up to your expectations you may look in an ideal AC and, most importantly it is made in India which gives another level of satisfaction. If you are looking for a powerful and feature-rich AC, then this AC is best for you.





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