You are currently viewing Price of Echo Dot 4th gen with clock in India- 2023 (Review)

Price of Echo Dot 4th gen with clock in India- 2023 (Review)

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With India’s digital market is booming, and the demand for more and more smart devices has led customers to push for a smart speaker that can control their activity, play music, and more just by a command and control the smart home setups.

Companies like apple and amazon launching their smart speakers Siri and Alexa have taken the industry to the peak of its popularity. In India, every gadget junkie wanna have a smart speaker with them. The widespread popularity and consumer demand have led the leaders like Amazon and Apple to a variety of products in this category.

If you are among the ones who are seeking to get a smart speaker to upgrade your music and listening experience or want to upgrade your Alexa device, this segment of ours is definitely the place you wanna be.

Today we will be hoping clear all your questions regarding an ideal smart speaker and also introduce you to the AMAZON ECHO DOT 4TH GEN, the latest product by Amazon itself.

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen



Key Specification


Echo Dot 4th Gen

Wifi Connectivity
Dual-Band Wifi Support

100 × 100 × 89 mm

Number of Ports

Item Weight
341.3 g

Features to consider Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen

• Echo Dot is a smart speaker that can be operated by voice – even from a distance. Alexa can speak both English & Hindi, and new features are added automatically

• Echo Dot (4th Gen) has a new spherical design and improved bass performance compared to Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

• Hands-free music control: Stream millions of songs in your favorite language from Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, JioSaavn, Gaana, or Apple Music

• Versatile usage: use Echo Dot as a standalone speaker or connect it to other speakers/headphones to enjoy audio on your favorite devices. Or simply pair your phone with Echo Dot and use it as a Bluetooth speaker

• Get started with Smart home: It is simple to make your home smart and use voice to control lights. Extend this experience to other appliances like ACs, TVs, geysers using smart plugs (to be purchased separately)

• Voice makes everything simple: Just ask Alexa to easily pay your bills, get news, weather, cricket scores, nursery rhymes and stories!

How is Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen?

Amazon has launched its latest ALEXA ECHO DOT 4 Gen, which is an excellent smart speaker with a compatible price range that is the same as in the US.

Amazon is known to provide great quality in its products and is also responsible for a kind of revolution in the smart speaker market.

If you already live in an Alexa world, you might be very well aware of the Echo Dot series. And this ALEXA ECHO DOT 4TH GENERATION is launched as an upgrade to the previous Echo Dot 3 version.

So is it really an upgrade? Let us go through its features one by one.

Is Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen worth buying in India – 2023

Design & Build

The latest ECHO DOT comes with a spherical design and a great blue pattern made up of a recyclable plastic material. Speaking design-wise, the latest ECHO DOT 4TH GENERATION is a massive upgrade over the previous version, and Amazon has done a commendable job this time around. The speakers are large and of a unique shape, which alone weighs around 980g provided to generate great sound quality.

On the upper side, you get a mute button, an Alexa command button, and a volume up and volume down button as well.

The bottom is a flat surface with LED ring lights just above it to indicate the commands. The LED ring lights indicate muted microphones with a red light, setup in progress with orange light, and volume up and down with bright or dimmer blue light. In the back, there is a power button and a 3.5mm output lane. The adapter provided is 15 watts.

The design is overall excellent, looks premium, and the built material of plastic is recyclable, which is great to have.


You can set up the ALEXA ECHO DOT 4TH GENERATION from your mobile by downloading the Alexa app, which is compatible with both IOS and android devices. During pairing, an orange light lits up in the LED ring, indicating the setup is in progress. Through the App, you can almost access and control everything if you do not wish to use your voice.

The App is good but might be a bit confusing for the new ones. The ECHO DOT also supports Bluetooth 5, which is also a great thing which basically means that you can use the ECHO DOT as a Bluetooth speaker as well.


The latest AMAZON ECHO DOT uses the powerful EZ 1 neuro chipset, which is an upgrade over the previous MediaTek chipset. The new chipset provides better command processing giving you the luxury to twist your commands and still get the results.




The commands work thanks to the upgraded chipset very smoothly. You can also command in Hindi. If you whisper, the Alexa echo dot also whispers back. ZOZO TV is there for kids, which sounds the same as a kid. There is also an ALEXA TO ALEXA calling feature as well.

You can control smart homes as well if the devices are well-compatible. There is no Youtube music access by default which might be the negative side, but the inbuilt AMAZON MUSIC PLUS and SPOTIFY cover it well.

Speaker & Microphones

The speakers are quite improved from previous versions. The latest AMAZON ECHO DOT has three drivers in total two 20mm tweeters and a single 76mm neodymium woofer. The large woofers provide better volume. The base volume sounds enhanced, while the milder pitch might drop off a bit. You can also play music directly from your smartphone by muting the microphone.

The microphones are also excellent by many standards and pick up your voice even in a loud environment. Overall excellent work in this department.


So is Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen worth buying in 2023?

The latest AMAZON ECHO DOT comes with an excellent and upgraded design with reusable plastic fiber, enhanced command processing, great speakers, and microphones; pretty much everything hardware-wise is upgraded from previous versions while it’s working, and many of the features still remain the same but with a better working.

The ALEXA ECHO DOT 4TH GENERATION also has an affordable price and an assurance of amazon with a wide range of devices compatible with it. If you are seeking a new smart speaker or an upgrade over your previous ECHO DOT, then there is nothing better than the latest ECHO DOT 4 to go for.



Best Smart Speaker for Home

If you are seeking a smart speaker which is compatible with the majority of devices and with an enhanced music experience at a great price range, then AMAZON ECHO DOT 4TH GENERATION is exactly what you need.




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