You are currently viewing Best Smartwatch under 5000 with call function and AMOLED display in India – 2023

Best Smartwatch under 5000 with call function and AMOLED display in India – 2023

Which is the cheapest Amoled Display Smartwatch? | Click here to check the best Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch in India

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Which is the cheapest Amoled Display Smartwatch?

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The market for smartwatches is picking an ignite in India. Everyone wants a smartwatch for fitness trackings, calls, or for an overall experience.

We have already discussed about the quality of Smartwatches in different segments in our previous reviews cum articles. We always intend to bring something unique and valuable product for our readers that could be of great use to the majority of customers.

So, what is the different flavor today? Well, read the article and the review to find out. Previously we have introduced you to a calling smartwatch, but just calling and other features may not be enough for many peoples.

Some of us also want an experience and a great display quality and variants that can add a feather in the cap to our smartwatch usage.

An AMOLED display might be the missing jigsaw in the puzzle you might be looking for, along with the calling feature.

There are almost nonexistent calling smartwatches available that can have an AMOLED display and are also affordable; as for many of the customers, affordability is also a major factor.

But don’t you worry because today we are introducing you to the Fire-Boltt Visionary Amoled Smartwatch, Which is a very recent product of Fire-boltt, along with our honest opinions about the product.

FIRE-BOLTT Visionary (Amoled Smartwatch)



Key Specification



Model Name


Display Size

368 x 448

Features to consider Fire-Boltt Visionary

‒【Bluetooth Calling Watch】- Fire-Boltt Visionary enables you to make and receive calls directly from your watch via the built-in speaker and microphone. This smartwatch features a dial pad option to access recent calls & sync your phone’s contacts.

‒【1.78″ AMOLED Display】 – Fire-Boltt Visionary has a premium 368*448 Pixel Resolution and 1.78″ AMOLED Display which comes with the Always On feature. The AMOLED provides over the line performance. It is thinner, lighter, flexible and one of the safest display technologies ever developed.

‒【Over 100 Sports Modes】 – Walking, Running to Tedious Workout modes we have covered it all. Fire-Boltt Visionary smartwatch does a wonderful tracking job to each sports mode the user carries out in the day or at the gym.

‒【Connect TWS On The Go】- This smartwatch has an internal storage memory of about 128MB to store your songs and listen to local music on your bluetooth headset.

‒【AI Voice Assistance】- Command your watch and let the magic happen. This special technology is in the Fire-Boltt Visionary Smartwatch.

‒【Smart 360 Health Tracking】 – The Fire-Boltt Visionary Smartwatch comes with a complete package of health tracking features. From SpO2 tracking to real time heart rate tracking stay fit always. With the breathing exercise and women health the smartwatch is fit for each use and purpose.

‒【IP68 Water Resistant】 – The smartwatch is fit to withstand sweat, dust, dirt and sand and is resistant to submersion upto a maximum depth of 1m of freshwater for up to twenty minutes.

‒【Smart Notifications】 – Keeping you notified on every second of all activities through your social media connects. Do not miss out on any notification that you receive on smartphone.

‒【Remote Controls】 – Click numerous pictures and listen to your favourite songs by just one touch.

‒【Basic Reminders】 – Don’t drink water or walk in normal breaks we have got you covered in that too with the sedentary reminders you will alwasy stay hydrated and will walk good, a step to a healthy life.

‒【Band Material Type】 – Silicone; Band Color: Black; Human Interface Input: Buttonstouch Screen; Included Components: 1 Smartwatch, 1 Manual, 1 Magnetic Charger, 1 Warranty Card; Case Material Type: Metal; Clasp Type: Tang Buckle; Color Name: Black; Compatible Devices: Smartphonetablet.

So which is the cheapest Amoled Display Smartwatch in India – 2022

Fire- Boltt Visionary Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

We have already covered a FIRE-BOLTT calling smartwatch before, but this affordable AMOLED display smartwatch forced its way through to extend our list.

The brand FIRE-BOLTT in itself needs no introduction among the masses who are smartwatch junkies, and this product of theirs doesn’t disappoint at all.

The FIRE-BOLTT VISIONARY might easily be the cheapest AMOLED display smartwatch available in the market, and the calling feature along with it is just a treat to have.

Design & Built Quality

The body is metallic, and the built quality feels premium. The straps provided are made of silicon, and they are sliding straps just like the apple watch series, which is just amazing. A sliding crown and a button are provided on the side, and a mic is there in between the two buttons. The heart rate,spo2, and B.P. sensors are all on the backside. Overall the design is exquisite and very well crafted.


As we mentioned above, the display is the prime highlight of the calling smartwatch, and this might be the cheapest smartwatch providing an AMOLED dislay. A large screen of 1.78 inches is provided with a great resolution of (368Γ—448) px along with the AMOLED. The bezels are also very thin. The brightness is great but only lacks a bit in always-on display mode. The display is far superior to any other calling smartwatch in this segment.


Although the battery info is not provided, but it lasts 2-3 days on usage.



UI & Features

The FIRE-BOLTT VISIONARY AMOLED smartwatch has one of the best features and UI interface in the market. The always-on display mode and TWS connection, and music are also provided, which makes it even more exciting to use.

You can connect your mobile through the DaFIT app. The screen faces can be changed by pressing and holding on to it or through the DaFIT app on your mobile itself.

On swiping from the bottom, you can see the notification panel. Swiping from up to down, there are toggle buttons. You can also change the menu style in the settings.

Upon swiping from left to right, you can access the shortcut cards; you can also add your shortcuts or arrange them.

You can also monitor your heart rate, SP02 and B.P. as well. There are more than 100 exercises on sports mode where you can monitor your daily workouts. The smartwatch also comes with an IP68 water rating so that you can wear it while swimming also.

The U.I. is smooth due to the high-quality AMOLED display, and touch sensors are also excellent overall great, a great U.I. interface.

ALWAYS -ON-DISPLAY mode is also provided, which is not common in its price range.

Bluetooth Calling

The mic provided on the watch is excellent in real-life usage. The quality of the speakers is also good. You can hear the voices loud and clear even in the noisy background also. You can sync your contacts through your smartphone itself.

AI Voice Assistant

The voice assistant feature is also provided in the calling smartwatch, which works completely fine, and you can access your smartwatch through your voice.

TWS Connection & Music

Another pigeon from the hat! Among many of the cool features, the Smartwatch also provides you with TWS connectivity. You can either play music from your phone or by the smartwatch itself by connecting your earbuds to the watch.

The internal storage of 128 MB is provided on your calling smartwatch itself so that you can store a few songs on the smartwatch.

Overall, one of the rarest features to find on smartwatches and an excellent one to have only the internal storage capacity could have been improved.


Is Fire-Boltt Visionary the Cheapest Amoled Display Smartwatch?

The FIRE-BOLTT VISIONARY is one of the best calling smartwatches that have an AMOLED display and, indeed, the cheapest one on the market. The fact that the price is on the lower side doesn’t deprive the fact that its display of (368Γ—448) px and its features are simply outstanding.

Fire-Boltt Visionary Smartwatch is a feature-rich one that can also monitor your B.P. along with heart rate and sp02. The TWS connection provided, along with 128MB storage, makes your life easy and less reliant on the smartphone.

ALWAYS-ON-DISPLAY mode is also there, along with many more excellent features. The speakers’ design and other hardware pieces of stuff are premium and up to the mark. Overall the smartwatch is great in every department, be it design-wise, built-wise, or feature-wise, indeed an affordable and must-have product.



Best Cheapest Amoled display Smartwatch

The FIRE-BOLTT VISIONARY smartwatch comes with an AMOLED display as well as a calling feature along with excellent features and a bargain of a price. Overall a must-have product in your collection.




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