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Best budget 13 inch Laptop in India – 2022

Best budget 13.5 inch Laptop in India – 2022

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With every passing day, the need for a compact, lightweight, and the good-performing laptop is skyrocketing in every one of our lives. After the lockdown has ended, many of the companies are gradually looking towards more work from home options keeping in mind that the danger of Covid has not vanished yet. Still, the problem that arises is that you always have to spend a lot of amounts on having one of these laptops, which can provide you comfort and outstanding performance.

As I was going through the laptops, which are premier small and giving a good performance, I found something which at a price range of under ₹65000 provides everything that one can ask for.

The product which caught my eye was Acer Swift 3 Core i5, a 13.5 inches great-looking laptop, a feature-rich premier quality product, and comes at a price range of under Rs.65k, which is a great combination overall.

We will be going through all its specifications and features in detail through the article one by one. So without any further ado, let’s get started as we cover all of its aspects below.



Key Specification

Display Size 
13.5 inch

Display Resolution
Full HD+ (2256 x 1504)

Display Type

8 GB

512 GB SSD

i5 11th Gen

Graphic Card 
Intel Iris XE

Backlit Keyboard

1.19 kg




Acer has worked outstandingly well in its design. One of the best and unique designs that you will find out in this sort of price range comes on a silver color that Acer has named as a sparky silver made with aluminium, giving you a classic touch feel. The laptop is very, very light weighted of around 1.19 kg, which makes it stand out from the line. Due to its lightweight, it gives you a premium business feel and easy to carry.

The screen is also three sides thin bezels, with the bottom a bit thick, which has the Acer logo. The aspect ratio is also very much unique, which is 3:2 rather than the normal 16:9 given in most of the laptops. The most iconic part of all is that the laptop 13.5 inches screen, which makes it very compact and feels comfortable to use, and has all components of designing prospects to make you stunned from the first look itself.

The Acer Swift 3 laptop is 180 degrees rotatable, which is one of its main highlights and gives a pro sense to its design. The rotatable screen is not a very common feature to have in today’s market under a price of ₹65k.


The Acer Swift 3 (13.5 inch Laptop) has a 3:2 ratio display that is very much unique and can be very useful if you are working, coding, or reading some texts due to its elongated verticle dimensions. Now coming to the display quality, it provides you with a (2256 x 1504) Pixel screen resolution Full HD + LED Backlit Verti View IPS Display which is very good and makes you come out to the edge of your seats.

All these specifications are already excellent for any of the electronic products, but this has added something else to its display, which is one of its most significant aspects, and that is 100% sRGB viewing, which is almost a rarity to find in laptops.

The colors come out very enhanced, and the picture viewing quality in this laptop is of the next level, all thanks to its 100% sRGB display. I personally felt its display to be on the next level, and it will surely give you a thrill once you experience it. The keyboard panel is very compact comfortable, and the touch panel is very much open to gestures.


The Acer Swift 3 (13.5 inch Laptop) provides you with an i5 and the latest 11th generation processor, which is excellent, fast, and very standard to its price range, but a clock speed of 4.20 GHz Max Turbo Frequency adds something unique to the forum. Now speaking of graphics, it gives you an Intel Integrated Iris Xe graphics which not very much powerful as NIVIDA but definitely twice as fast as the regular intel integrated graphic.

The laptop is not for heavy gaming but gives you a pleasant experience when during light gaming. The graphic card provided is decent and not very much too complainable as the fine display and processor are enough to make you comfortable. If you are not a very professional gamer type guy, you are not going to have any complaints about the graphics provided here.

Ram & Storage

It provides you with an 8 GB RAM of LPDDR4X type, which is very much excellent, but the only con may be that the ram is non upgradeable. Speaking of internal storage comes with 512GB SSD, which is very fast and great to have a type, and the internal storage is pretty much upgradable, so no problem here.




The 13.5 inch laptop provide you with a great battery life which is very much generous with a 14-hour lasting time and a three-cell battery provided which is pretty standard, but the great thing is that the laptop provides fast charging of 65 watts; hence, you are reluctant to find any battery issues here.

Operating System

The laptop runs on the Windows 10 home 64bit operating system, which is the latest in every sense, and the interesting part is that the MS Office is included, which can be a great deal for many buyers out there. If you have a great time working on ms office, it is definitely a go-to option for you.

Ports & Slots

It provides you with: 2 x USB 3.2 (1st Gen), One Port with Power-off Charging), 1 x HDMI Port, one 3.5mm port and the most advanced port feature that is given is that it has one USB Thunderbolt 4 slot.

For those who don’t know, the USB Thunderbolt 4 is the latest version of USB thunderbolt with outstanding fast and upgraded features like two 4k screens data transferring speed of 32 Gbps, and many many more up-gradation is to launched soon by intel, and this laptop is already prepared for that. This is one of the craziest port features provided in any laptop of this price range, and all credit to Acer for their outstanding work.


The audio is provided by built-in dual speakers and built-in dual microphones, which sounds great. The sound quality may not be, thunderous but it is very clear and digital.


Bluetooth 5.0 is given, and for better speed and connectivity, Wifi 6 is being included, which is one of the major prospects of its connectivity features.

Special Feature

The Acer Swift 3 (13.5 inch Laptop) has almost everything covered with its additional features, right from 3 point fingerprint sensors to the 720p Hd webcam. It has nearly everything on it. The webcam is very clear and suitable for video conferencing and all. It also has a fine tip Backlit Keyboard with International Language Support, and we have already discussed the quality provided by the keypad. The mouse pad is very large and very smooth with multi-supported gestures.


The laptop is very premium and suitable for multitasking with great design, lightweight, and compact size. It has fully loaded itself with all the latest features you can find on the market. The display is definitely one of its standout performers, and a 180-degree rotatable screen with a 3:2 aspect ratio is ready to give you chills. It also gives you a USB Thunderbolt 4 port which is very well to cope up with the future if the Thunderbolt 4 is launched.

The fingerprint sensor, Wifi-6 connectivity, latest 11th gen processor, and many more make it by far the best of the specifications included in that sort of price range. If you are a student or a professional looking to work from home or regularly use a laptop for multitasking purposes and need a laptop that fulfills all your needs in a suitable price range and gives you a premier business class, feel it is the right option for you.

At a price range under Rs.65,000 with a premium touch, Acer Swift 3 (13.5 inch Laptop) is one of the best available options in the market.



Best Lightweight Laptop

The Acer Swift 3 core is the best premium business laptop for multitasking along with fine display and design and under a reasonable low price of under Rs.65k. This laptop is worth every penny of yours, and you can surely bet your hard-earned money on it with closed eyes.





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