You are currently viewing Best Smartwatch to buy under 5000 in India – 2023

Best Smartwatch to buy under 5000 in India – 2023

Best Smartwatch to buy under 5000 | Click here to check best Smartwatch in India

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With every other equipment around us getting digital, the need for a digital watch or smartwatch is rising gradually. A watch that can monitor your health, can access your phone, and also behave like a mini mobile that can take calls is what is mostly required. Nowadays, not just a smartwatch but a calling smartwatch is the most looked forward product in the market.

How many times have you been in a situation where you have been driving, and your phone keeps ringing, and you are irritated by the very sound of it, or you are in a situation where you cannot take out your phone, but you are also keen on answering the call? Well, a calling smartwatch can very well be the best solution for you.

There are a lot of things to be addressed while buying a calling Bluetooth smartwatch, like the features to look up to while buying smartwatch also, do have in mind that not every smartwatch is a calling smartwatch; an affordable price range also matters, and most importantly the question remains that which Bluetooth Smartwatch is best for calling in India? So let us find out the answer to this question.

Today we are going to introduce the best smartwatch to buy under 5000 the FIRE-BOLTT RING 3Β for calling, which may stand out in all your parameters. We will be going through all its features sideways, addressing all your queries and the question of whether this is the best calling smartwatch. So, let’s find out.

Fire-Boltt Ring 3 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch



Key Specification



Model Name
Ring 3

57 gram

Product Dimension
46.4 x 37.9 x 11.8 cm

Screen Size
1.8 inch

Features to consider Fire-boltt Ring 3 Smartwatch

β€’ Accelerometer
β€’ Activity Tracker
β€’ Alarm Clock
β€’ Calorie Tracker
β€’ Camera
β€’ Calculator
β€’ Notifications
β€’ Pedometer
β€’ Phone Call
β€’ Sedentary Reminder
β€’ Sleep Monitor
β€’ Bluetooth Calling
β€’ IP67 Waterproof

β€’ 1.8″ Big Display
β€’ Built In Mic & Speaker
β€’ Voice Assistant
β€’ Games
β€’ Find Phone
β€’ Text message
β€’ Time Display
β€’ Spo2 (Blood Oxygen Monitoring)
β€’ Heart Rate Tracking
β€’ Daily Workout Memory
β€’ Distance Tracker
β€’ Multisport Tracker
β€’ Music Player

Best Smartwatch to buy under 5000 in India – 2023


FIRE-BOLTT RING 3 is a calling Bluetooth smartwatch by the FIRE-BOLTT brand, Which is known to make quality smartwatches, and this product is indeed quality.

The RING 3 comes in three variants navy, black and gold black. The built quality is premium metallic and gives a stunning look while wearing it.

Now that we have talked about its built quality briefly, let’s look at other aspects of this very calling smartwatch has to offer in detail.


The RING 3 calling smartwatch comes with a large 1.8 inches large display with a (240Γ—286) resolution. The blazes are thinner, and the brightness level is overall good. The display is excellent, but an AMOLED screen would have been much better.

Bluetooth Calling

The calling feature can be accessed once you have paired the device with the Dafit application. The quality of the call is great audio is clear, and overall the performance is good.

UI Interface

The UI is one of its main highlights. The user interface is superve. A rotating crown is provided on the right side of the watch, which enables you to scroll down and also helps in changing the face of the home screen. Upon swiping from the top, you can see the quick access setting and can also check the battery. By swapping from the bottom, you can see the notifications; swapping right will lead you to costume the widgets.

In the main menu, there are 100 plus working modes. There are four games also given; the exercise record is also there. In workout mode, you can see pool swimming that is because the calling smartwatch is IP67 water resistant. It also has all basic health trackings, including heart rate and spo2 monitoring, which is quite accurate.



Battery Life

The battery life is great. Although the measures are not mentioned, the battery lasts up to 3-4 days, which is great.


The mic provided on the right side works great along with the speakers on the left, and the sensors provided behind all of these work excellently.

You can receive or make calls through notifications. You can also read up to 20-30 words of the SMS in the calling watch itself.

The Mobile app interface is also user-friendly where you can keep multiple records and also access your smartwatch easily.

It is also IP67 water resistant which adds to its uniqueness, which means that it can keep track of your swimming schedules if you do swim as a workout.


So which Bluetooth Smartwatch is best for calling?

The best of a certain product always depends on the timeline, the parameters of assassination, the price range, and also on every person to person. In general, the parameters to assassinate while buying any calling smartwatch are the same on which we have reviewed the above product. The FIRE-BOLTT RING 3 calling smartwatch is definitely one of the best-performing smartwatches in its price range, and it has all which you might look for in an ideal calling smartwatch.

The built quality is premium metallic with a great and large 1.8 inches thin blazed display. Due to its metallic body, the look it provides is one of the best in the current market. It is IP67 water resistant making it extremely durable also. The UI and features provided are certainly the main of its highlights. To recall it again, it has over 100 workout modes with accurate health trackings. Four games are also provided, and voice assistant and many more features make it a standout from others. The battery life is also great by par.

Long story short, it is one of the best smartwatch to buy under 5000, having all the necessary features, a sleek design, and whatmore to look for in a wearable device. You can bet your money on it blindfolded.



Best Smartwatch to buy under 5000

It is one of the best calling smartwatches in its price range, having all the necessary features, a sleek design, and Whatmore to look for in a wearable device. You can bet your money on it blindfolded.




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