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Best 43 inch Smart TV under 40000 in India – 2023

The Best 43 inch 4k Android Smart TV under Rs.30k 

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More the world is constantly being evolved, and the days are getting more and more digitalized. The more gradual the world progresses, the more modes of entertainment also continually keep changing. Still, television is the only entertainment product that has maintained its position among the masses as the prime option regardless of the times.

Survival demands constant evolution no matter what race you may be, and sarcastically, the same applies on televisions. Although the TVs’ basic structure had remained the same, some changes were consistently applied to it according to the demand of the situation.

There was a time when TVs were full back and white and heavy then colors were introduced to it and now the time has upgraded it to the next level with slim structures and great features, the time has come now to name it as a smart TV. The televisions nowadays are equipped to give you all the comfort and also entertain you as well.

India always remained a heavy market that demands quality at lower prices, the industry of smart tv has now clicked well, and every household has a bite of it, but always one question remains the constant, and that is the best budget product.

This exclusive article of ours will introduce you to the Mi TV 4X 43 inches 4K Ultra Hd android TV. Yes, it is a 43 inches 4K smart TV with all the premium features and under the budget range of INR Rs.30000. So without wasting any further time of yours, let’s go through its every possible one by one without being biased.

Mi 4X (4k Ultra HD Smart TV)


Key Specification

Screen Type

Screen Resolution
4k (3840×2160)

Display Size
43 inch

2 GB

8 GB

Cortex A53 Quad Core





Design & Build Quality

The design is pretty basic, with plastic material used, making it very lightweight at around 7.07 kg. All the ports are on the right side, which is easily accessible regardless of whether you use it on a table or as a wall-mounted TV. The name itself suggests that it is a 43 inches product of around 108cms with medium-sized bezels on each side that does not look that bad.


The display used is one of the major of its aspects. The Mi TV 4X (4k Smart TV) uses a 4k HDR IPS panel which is acclaimed to be designed by LG, and a 4k HDR of 10 bits is enough to produce the craziest of the colors that can blow your mind, adding to that this 4k smart TV provides you with the highest resolution of (3840×2160) pixels running at 60Hz refresh rate.

The viewing angles provided are up to 178 degrees and have an average response time of 6.5ms which is more than enough with the Dolby Vision and Dolby DTX. Altogether it promises the best display and viewing experience at a much lower price than others. The work done in the display department is outstanding, I must say.

The real-life experience of its display well provides the IPS panel, which you can test by knocking on the screen if it produces colors while striking, then its VA panel and the IPS ones produce very little to no stains at all. There was no problem or lagging while playing 1080p content.

Now, suppose you want to enjoy the cable tv experience without having HD channels, in that case, it may not be the best of the experiences due to its high resolutions and larger screen, but HD channels work perfectly fine due to their better qualities, it is highly recommended by us that you buy a good HDMI cable if you want to enjoy better quality without having HD channels.

Overall the experience you are going to have with the 4k Smart TV is enough to keep you at the edge of your seats, and if you have used one before, then you know what we are exactly talking about.

Hardware & Software

The Mi Tv 4k (4k Smart TV) runs on a Cortex A53 quad-core chipset that houses a Mali 450 GPU and 2GB of RAM, making its software performances very powerful. It also provides 8GB ROM storage to install your favorite apps from the play store. However, the ROM storage could have been improved, but you can’t complaint at this sort of price range.

Ports & Connectivity

The 4k Android TV runs on Bluetooth 4.2 for remote connectivity, and a number of ports also provided for the connectivity options, including 2 × USB 2.0 ports, 3 × HDMI ports, 1 × AV port, 1 × S/PDIF port, 1 × Ethernet port  & as well as 3.5mm jack port. The 4k smart TV has preinstalled amazon prime and Netflix on it, and buttons are also provided on the remote; moreover, it supports every other OTT platforms and allows you to stream high-quality contents there.






Sound Quality

The Mi 4x 4k Android TV impresses by the audio quality and sound provided, and this is one of its upgrading points. The audio provided is loud, crisp and clear. To ensure quality sound, XIAOMI has used two 10 watt speakers that can go from the minimum to a maximum of 50.


The remote provided is slim, sleek, and overall got great looks to it. The Mi TV 4X (4k Smart TV) remote comes with a google voice assistant button on it, giving you an edge to search for anything on google with a click. The amazon prime and Netflix control button are also provided, giving you an extra shortcut and convenience so that you don’t have to access it manually.

The only downgrading point may be that it doesn’t compile a mute button, but it is easily ignorable considering that it is missing from most of the remotes nowadays. The remote runs on Bluetooth 4.2, so you don’t have to point it towards your 4k Smart TV every time, which gives you a supersmooth experience.

Special Features

PATCHWALL 2.0 : Patchwall 2.0 is provided to give you extra convenience during usage that sees content being taken from across different services and thrown right at the user’s fingertips for consumption.

SCREEN BRIGHTNESS : The brightness will face no issues as it provides a brightness level of 400nm sometimes. You may have to reduce the brightness level for eye strain.
Sleep timer mode: It gives you a sleep timer option from null to 240 minutes, which can help some of you.

CHROME CAST SUPPORT : With this feature, you can cast any content from all the popular platforms like Youtube, Hotstar etc., from your android device itself. Running on android gives itself some benefits like you can mirror your phone using google home, and you will not face any problem using the feature; instead, it’s a treat to have.

DATA SAVER MODE : It is one of the most exciting features of Mi tv that is provided. Basically, it monitors your data usage and adjusts it accordingly if you are using your mobile data, provided that many of us use the mobile hotspot with the smart TV. Hence it is surely going to be very helpful to most of our users.

CAST TO TV : This is also the exclusive feature of the Mi TV 4X (4k Smart TV) which only Mi provides by virtue of which you can cast your local contents from your mobile phone without having to share it via Bluetooth or wifi. Isn’t it exciting?


The Mi TV 4X (4k Smart TV) by Mi is a super feature-rich Android TV with a 4K HDR Dolby vision Dolby DTX display which gives you convenience and extra comfort with a great viewing experience. The software used is great, and the RAM storage of 2 Gb given is surely an upgrade in this sort of price range. Everything starting from sound quality to OTT streaming experience to the extra feature has got itself something to amaze you all.

The remote provided is also very premium and keeps in mind your all the comfort level. If you have to conclude it in simple words, you can say that it is the best budget smart tv right now in the market with a 4K display and under a price range of under Rs.30k. It is an absolute steal of a bargain to have.



Best 4k Android TV

The Mi TV 4X is a complete package with a 4k 43 inches viewing experience provided along with one of the best software in the market, and a price range of under Rs.30k makes it even more special. This is definitely the best option available right now.







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