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Best Wifi Printer for Home use in India – 2023

Best Multifunction Wifi printer for  Office & Home use | Check price on Amazon

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If you are a regular office person who needs their files printed on a daily basis, a good and reliable office printer at an effective cost is what you may be looking for. The need for a multifunction printer is not only limited to offices or professional works, but it is becoming the need of every household who wants their child to reduce screentime or do any school project. Well, every one of us must have once thought of buying a printer that provides not only great quality but also reduces our cost of printing.

We, as Deals Reviewers, understand your needs pretty well. Today, we will introduce you to HP Ink Tank 419 Wifi printer, which in our research is one of the best multifunction office printer in the market under Rs.15000. Some of you may argue why to go for INR.15000, whereas many printers are available at very prices? The answer to the question is that the printers are one-time buy products for a minimum of 3-4 years, so why not buy a good one that can give you quality for a constant period of time and save your money big time after a one-time investment.

So, without any further ado, let’s discuss the specifications and features of the HP multifunction printer.

HP Ink Tank 419 WiFi Printer


Key Specification

Printing Technology
Ink Tank- Black & White/Color

Connector Type
Wi-Fi, USB

Printer Type 

Recommended For
Office & Home

Item Weight
‎4kg 670g

1 year

HP Ink Tank 419 WiFi Printer

The HP 419 multifunction Office printer is a wifi borderless print color printer, scanner, and copier. In short, it is an all-in-one device with cost-effective printing as its main highlight. It will only cost you about 10p for a black and white print and 20p for a color print. The overall quality and the service provided by HP are excellent, which makes it a complete package.


The design is overall very compact, with all the spaces utilized correctly. It has dimensions of 31 x 52.5 x 15.8 cm and a weight of around 4.5kgs. Hence, it is easy to transport and use. The ink tank is transparent, and it is provided at the printer’s bottom. You can actually see how much of your printer’s ink has been used and how much is left, which is, in our opinion, a great stroke.


In the box, you will find a USB cable, a power cable, the user manual, and two ink cartridges, one black and one color. The Ink cartridges are the most essential part of a printer, so handle them with care.

They also provide you with two black ink bottles of 170ml, which is larger in size. Along with it, they provide 70ml ink each of cyan, yellow, and magenta. So, they cover you with your printing for the starting few months.


To install the HP 419 multifunction printer, you can call the customer services number, and they provide one of the best services around, or you can do it by yourself. It’s not that tough. The ink tank is easy to fill. The ink cartridges can be installed after removing the cartridge cabinet’s unboxing and connecting the printer with the power supply. Wait for the cartridge cabinet to come in the middle after the power is given and then install the cartridges with care.

Connectivity & Compatibility

The HP printer is a wireless printer with both wifi and Bluetooth connectivity and the support of USB 2.0.

In terms of compatibility, the printer is very standard compatible with pretty every OS, which you may use nowadays. It is also compatible with your android mobile. To print with your mobile phone, you have to download the app by HP.





The performance of the HP printer is a sight to behold. The multifunction doesn’t compromise the printing quality. The colors and all are overall pictures perfect. The time taken to print and color print is also standard. The scanning part is easy to use and provides excellent quality. The prints with mobile phones are also great.

Photo printing produces excellent colors and is pretty cheap compared to others. The only slight drawback maybe of the photo printing through mobile phone is not that vivid in color but can assure you not that much of a worry. The time taken to print a photo is of 45seconds, which is standard.

The xerox or photocopy that comes out of the printer is also of great quality. Overall, performance-wise you will not be disappointed.


The HP ink Tank 419 Printer is a great multifunction printer for your offices and daily use. It is a go-to printer for bulk printing at great quality printing. The printer is cost-efficient, and the original refill inks are also cheaper than the other brands. The printer is also able to perform photocopying and scanning effectively, which is a treat to have. The multifunction printer has a transparent ink tank to track your ink usage, making it even more special. Overall the printer is a great value product which you must have in your office and home.



Best Multifunction Printer

The HP Multifunction Office printer is a great printer that provides you quality with cost-effectiveness. The performance is excellent, and it is the best printer under 15000 INR. In our opinion the best value to money product.





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