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Which CCTV camera is best for home in India – 2023

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No matter what we do and where we go, there is always a concern for the security of our business, our house and our loved ones that keep us all bothered. Some of us may have to go to the offices, leaving our elderly parents or children at home alone, or if you own a business, you always want full safekeeping of your workplace and your loved ones.

In a world where every mode of theft or threat has been evolved, we also need a more upgraded model of security, and that’s where a need for a good security camera or CCTV camera arises. A good CCTV camera has become the basic requirement of every business place or household in terms of security.

Many parameters are involved when you get a security camera for your houses or workplaces, like camera quality, sounds, range of the camera, etc. Today we will be introducing you to Mi 360° Wifi Home Security Camera, which is by par in every parameter with great camera quality, 360 range and much more to provide complete security with a reasonable price range.

Mi 360° Wifi Home Security Camera 2K PRO



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Video Capture Resolution

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Dual Band wifi

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Design & Built

The Mi 360° Wireless Wifi Home Security Camera has a plastic body with excellent quality and a premium look. The bottom is rotating, providing a 360 turn. The camera is provided on the front. By sliding the camera upwards, you will find a slot of memory card, which is a great setup provided. The back consists of a USB port speaker and a reboot slot.


A wall mount bracket, a user manual, and a micro USB cable along with a 10watt power brick are provided with the package. The micro USB cable provided is 10 feet long, which is a great help in setting up the camera on the ceiling


The quality of the camera is sublime, and in the name itself, they have mentioned that it provides 2k recording and 1296 pixels, which is indeed a work of perfection. The Mi 360° Wireless Wifi Home Security Camera also provides the option of adjusting the quality of the recording according to your will from 360p to 2k or even keeping it to auto. The camera also provides great results under very low lighting as well.

One of the main highlights is that it does not shows any red glow light when recording in a pitch dark room due to its enhanced 940nm infrared light, unlike other security cameras, which are generally available.

The enhanced infrared technology improves not only the quality but also doesn’t use red glow light, hence providing extra security as the camera becomes hard to notice. At last the special mentioning of its microphone and speaker that works great. Overall the video quality is the best that you can come across.


The wifi IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 2.4 GHz/5 GHz, Bluetooth 4.2 are all provided for connectivity.




To set up the Mi 360° Wireless Wifi Home Security Camera, plug in the power cable and then turn it on. A yellow light will turn up, showing that it is in pairing mode. Next, download the MI home app on your device, then click on add device and scan the QR code on the bottom of the security camera. Enter your wifi password, and you will be good to go. As soon as your device is connected, the yellow light will turn green, which you can switch off in settings for extra security.


The Wireless Wifi Home Security Camera can be accessed on your Mi tv, REDMI tv, or Mi Qled tv from the patch wall section. The Mi CCTV camera comes with Alexa and googles assistant support. You just have to install the Mi home skill on your Alexa app, a great feature to have overall. You can rotate the camera manually just through the D-pad in the Mi home interface.

You can also record and screenshot your live streaming. Unfortunately, the security camera doesn’t rotate automatically by itself. You can make yourself audible on the security camera by speaking on your phone through the mic button.

One of the unique features is that you can block the camera lens through your mobile, which makes you control everything. The camera also has the human tracking feature, which is extremely helpful when there are fewer people in the room, and you have to track someone’s activity truly a user’s delight. You can also record on SD cards at premium quality.


The Mi 360° Wireless Wifi Home Secuirity Camera with great features and thrilling video quality is overall a great addition to your security. It also provides the best night view due to its infrared technology and, most importantly, no red light glow. The CCTV camera is surely a user’s delight, in our opinion, and a price range of under Rs.5k for a quality product is an ideal deal to ensure your full safety.



Best 360° Home Security Camera

The Mi 360° Wireless Wifi Home Security Camera is a feature-rich product with excellent camera quality, ensuring complete safety. In short, it is a consumer’s delight and worthy of taking a shot.




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