You are currently viewing Can a 20000mAH fast charging Power Bank charge a Laptop in India – 2023

Can a 20000mAH fast charging Power Bank charge a Laptop in India – 2023

Can a 20000mAH fast charging power bank charge a Laptop? | MI Hypersonic 20000mAH Power Bank review

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We are constantly surrounded by electronic gadgets to carry out our day-to-day work smoothly. Therefore, a constant need to charge our smartphones and laptops becomes a headache while traveling or in some unfortunate scenarios where getting charging ports or even electricity sometimes gets difficult.

A power bank might be the ideal solution for our problems. As far as mobiles are concerned, we all know how effective a power bank is, and for sure, the majority of us have a power bank in our closets, but what about laptops? Can a power bank charge a laptop as well?

Well, laptops are high-power input devices that require somewhere around 85-140 watts to charge, depending on the product, and for charging them, a minimum of 29 watts of power input is required, which our general 18 watts power bank cannot provide, and for that, we need a super fast charging power bank that also has the required compatible ports for the laptops.

So, which power bank is suitable for charging both our handsets as well as laptops, and what else to look for while going for a power bank? Today in this segment of ours, we will introduce you to MI Power Bank Hypersonic, a product in our eyes that might be ideal for this scenario.

Simultaneously, we hope to answer all your questions regarding a power bank and present an unbiased article cum review.

Mi Power Bank Hypersonic 20000mAH



Key Specification



Battery Capacity

Special Feature
Fast Charging


2 USB “A” & 1 USB type “C”

Can a 20000mAH fast charging power bank charge a Laptop?

Features to consider Mi 20000mAH HypersonicΒ Power Bank

β€’ 45W Laptop Charging

β€’ 50W Mobile Charging(50W is supported for Xiaomi, Redmi & POCO mobile devices only)

β€’ 45W Hypersonic Recharging

β€’ Recharges itself in just 3hrs 50mins

β€’ Supports Power Delivery 3.0

Can a 20000mAH fast charging power bank charge a Laptop?

Mi 20000 mAH Hypersonic Power Bank

The MI Hypersonic 20000mAH Power Bank has a 50-watt charging power delivery that can charge both your smartphone and laptop as well.

The MI is known for its quality products in the electronic industry, and nowadays majority of consumers at least have one MI product in their cabinet.

The fast charging power bank of MI comes with great power and also with added protections so that you don’t have to worry a bit about other things.

Let’s look at its specifications one by one.

Design & Built

The MI Hypersonic 20000mAH Power Bank is made up of polycarbonate material and has a matt black finish with a glassy finish on top and bottom. On the side, it has the power button, and on the top, it has two USB type A ports and a USB type C port, along with the LED indicator lights for battery indications in the middle of them.

It has a classy Mi power bank look to it and an excellent built quality while the weight might be on a bit heavier side. A type C to type C USB cable is provided to charge your mobile phones and laptop with the pack.


The MI Hypersonic 20000mAH Power Bank is a fast charging power bank; hence you do not have to worry about its longevity at all.

The Mi power bank has two Type A and one Type C port so that you can charge multiple devices at once. The two USB A ports charges at 22.5 watts individually and at 15 watts when used simultaneously.

The USB Type C port charges smartphones at 50 watts which is indeed super fast. Mind you; your laptops must have a Type C charging port to get charged.

It charges laptops at 45 watts that can be accessed from the Type C port only. While charging a laptop may not be fast enough, it does just enough so that it doesn’t get switched off.

The 20000mAH power bank can be charged by a Type C charger at 45 watts which is very fast in itself. It can be fully charged in 3 hours and 15 minutes with a 45 watts charger, and if not, any other charger with less power would take a bit longer.

Other Features

The Mi power bank maintains low-power device safety like smartwatches. While charging them, it activates low current mode to prevent power surge.

The fast charging power bank also has tons of other protection like temperature protection, overcharge protection, and over-discharge protection so that you don’t have to worry about anything else and just enjoy your time while traveling or at home and offices.




So can a 20000mAH fast charging power bank charge a Laptop?

Mi Hypersonic 20000mAH Power BankΒ is a super powerful power bank that can even charge your laptops, a very few of the breeds at its price range. It has a 20000mAH capacity so that it can perform for a long time and a superpower output of 50 watts which can charge your smartphones instantly, definitely an upgrade from a normal 18 watts power bank.

The power bank itself can be charged at 45 watts so that you don’t have to wait all day long to see your power bank get charged up. It also has multiple ports so that you can charge multiple devices at once, a very effective feature for any sort of emergency.

The Mi power bank also takes care of the safety of itself and the devices with the features like low current modes and temperature, over-discharge, under discharge protection.

Overall a very fast and efficient device that you must have with you while traveling or for any sort of emergency situation and get upgraded from a normal power bank. Definitely a worthwhile product for your hard-earned money.



Best Laptop charging Power Bank

The MI Hypersonic 20000mAH Power BankΒ is a super powerful and fast-charging power bank that can charge laptops too. With multiple ports and safety features, it becomes an upgrade over normal power banks and just what you might require.




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