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Best Mountain Bike in India under 20000 – 2023

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While we may have gotten past the age of bicycles as the prime mode of traveling, bikes and cars have taken over our daily busy life, but we still can’t ignore the sheer significance of cycling over our health and environment.

Exploring the raw beauty of nature and mountains to its fullest can only be achieved by a mountain bike or a well-equipped cycle which also helps to provide a healthy body and avoid pollution.

While going for a modern cycle, there are many parameters to keep a check on, as bicycles have evolved significantly over time, with suspensions, breaks, and gears being added to its tally.

Today in this exclusive article cum review of ours, we will try to cover different aspects to look in a mountain bike or a modern cycle by also introducing you to the TRIAD M2 PRO dual suspension mountain bike, which might be the ideal cycle with a dual suspension and a bargain of a price for a product of TRIAD branding.

Triad M2 Pro Dual Suspension Mountain Bike



Key Specification


M2 Pro

Bike Type
Mountain Bike

Number of Gear
21 Speed

Suspension Type
Dual Suspension

Frame Material

Wheel Size 
26 inches


Special Feature
Dual Disc/Dual Suspension/Dual Gear/Lightweight

Features to consider Triad M2 Pro bicycle

• 99% assembled

• Fully Fitted and Ready to Ride

• Rust-free Al tech 6061 alloy frame

• Original japanese shimano gears

• European union certified production

• Pan India service, support, and Warranty

Online exclusive brand

What is Dual Suspension Bicycle?

We might be aware of the suspension in the cycle, which is used to make our ride smoother and more comfortable.

Earlier, there used to be a single suspension used in the front to save us from downhills, but nowadays, dual suspensions or full suspension, which by the name itself suggests a two suspension system on the front as well as back, is starting to be introduced.

While a front suspension was only useful for enduro riding or downhill, an extra suspension on the rear provides you protection on bumpy, hard, uneven roads and even on trail roads.

Hence a dual suspension provides you extra comfort and makes your riding flexible for any hard conditions. A rare suspension also takes care of your back, and that’s what makes TRIAD M2 PRO a complete package.

Triad M2 Pro Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

The TRIAD branding in itself is an assurance of quality, known for its product in worldwide markets. It is one of the leading brands internationally.

The TRIAD M2 PRO is also a European union certified product. Which in itself speaks of its quality and endurance.

It also has a Pan India service with a warranty attached, and this product of theirs is also 99% assembled, preventing you from the hard work.


The Triad M2 PRO mountain bike comes in a matte finish with red and black color’s dual shade. The internal cable routing for both front and rear derailleurs only adds to its beauty. Overall a great and premium design.

Built Frame

The M2 PRO dual suspension cycle is built up of a lightweight but very strong alloy frame of AL tech 6061, which is an upgrade from the normal steel frame that high-range bikes offer at this price segment. The riding posture is comfortable and easy to reach.

A slightly slanted top tube gives an extra stand-over clearance. Builtwise, this full suspension bike is a beast and is also designed to provide great comfort.


The suspensions provided on the TRIAD M2 Pro mountain bike is one of its major talking point and a major highlight. The mountain bike has dual suspensions to it on both front and back.

The front suspension comes with 80 mm of travel and single pivot rare suspension connected to the top tube and seat tube, which is extremely helpful on harsh and bumpy roads as well as trail roads. The back suspension also reduces stress on the back of the rider in tough conditions.

The suspensions are two steps adjustable to increase or decrease travel depending upon the ride.



Gearing Components

The mountain bike is equipped with Shimano tourney derailleurs at both front and back. They are the basic gearing components of Shimano’s MTB series. The trigger shifters are easy to use and reach from the handlebar.

There are 21 speeds on tourney gears to make the ride easy on both inclined as well as trail roads. The 21-speed Shimano’s tourney gears gotta be one of the best traits of the mountain bike.


The pair of mechanical disc breaks at the front and back are both powerful and safe on both rough and smooth surfaces. Overall the quality and endurance are uncompromised.


The DSI 26 inches MTB tyres are provided on the M2 PRO full suspension cycle designed to generate a lot of traction on rough surfaces. The 26 inches circumference handles the fast rolling resistances pretty well and, overall, is ideal for any ridings.


Is Triad M2 Pro an ideal Dual Suspension Mountain Bike?

A dual suspension or a full suspension cycle definitely has the edge over normal single suspension bikes, especially while exploring nature and its components with a long and heavy ride.

The TRIAD M2 PRO is one of the most affordable dual-suspension mountain bikes, which is internationally recognized and has a TRIAD branding. While many are available at low prices but the assurance of a brand such as TRIAD is hard to come across.

The full suspension cycle has a strong alloy frame as well as very light in weight which is a massive upgrade to the normal steel material. The design is very premium with Shimano’s gearing components provided, each and every component of the M2 PRO is designed keeping in mind the comfort of the rider.

Suppose you are a fitness enthusiast or an explorer looking for an ideal bike. In that case, M2 PRO by triad is definitely not the product to miss out on, especially in India, where tough road conditions are normality.

A dual suspension strong mountain bike is a must-go product, and TRIAD M2 PRO is by excellent par in each of its aspects.



The Best Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

The TRIAD M2 PRO is a premium mountain bike suitable for every kind of rough surface, equipped with great technicalities as well as a well-built frame helping you to explore nature and maintain your health. Overall a must-have quality product with an affordable price.




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