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Best Gaming Chair under 20000 in India – 2023

Genuine Leather Office Chair big and tall in India – 2023 | Review

If you are a gaming freak like us and like to spend most of your daily hours sitting around the desktop, you surely have felt Sevier uneasiness in the body. Like every gamer, you might also have been looking for a friendly gaming chair that can help you get through long hours without any disturbances.

Why get a gaming chair, not a normal one?

Scientifically sitting for a long duration is far more unhealthy than you might think of, and body fatigues are the most common things that occur by sitting long hours, and that might deprive you of carrying out your activity. A regular office chair doesn’t help the cause as it is not designed for long durations, and that’s where the gaming chair comes into the picture.
If you are a gaming hokie, you are most probably aware of the importance of gaming chairs, which is specifically designed to take care of your body and help you to sit long hours.

So, if you plan to get a Gaming/Office chair that can provide you with comfort, longevity, and a premier design and look, we might have a solution that fits your criteria.

Today we are going to introduce you to the green soul gaming chair GS-734, which might be the one you need at this time around. So, let’s quickly get through its complete review.

Green Soul Gaming/Office Chair




Key Specification

Internal Frame

Seat made of Moulded Foam

Recline Degree
Upto 180º

Carbon Texture 4D Armrests

Deer Mechanism/Newly Engineered Frog Mechanism

Seat Type
Flat Seat

The name GREEN SOUL itself doesn’t need any sort of introduction when it comes to the gaming chair industry. The GREEN SOUL brand is right now on the top of the industry and is known to produce the finest products with premium qualities.
The green soul gaming/office chair we are introducing you to is the latest of the GREEN SOUL MONSTER series with the model number GS-734- Monster Ultimate (S) Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming/Office Chair. We always try to familiarise you with the products which are one of the best in their respected categories and price range, so trust us when we say that the price of this gaming chair is on the higher side.

The Gaming/Office chair comes with a refined look and an excellent design. The material and colour textures blend well and give it a fine touch.

It comes in Red and Black colors which gives you more variety. The black color gives you classy touch and an office look, whereas the red is more style-oriented.

The green soul gaming/office chair also has two variants, the S variant is for the height of 5.2 feet to 5.10 feet people, and the T variant is for people of height ranging from 5.10 to 6.5 feet. So you may choose to depend upon your requirements.

The backrest is adjustable to different angles up to 90 degrees, so it gives you options to straighten it for gaming and just lay on the tilt while binge-watching. The backrest is very much comfortable and is more like a car seat.

The Armrest provided is a four-way adjustable, i.e., front, back, upwards downwards, and in angular ways, which gives you the best options to adjust it while gaming to get the best experience while using mouse and keyboard. THE Armrest is made up of hard plastic with a 3D texture, but it is very comfortable.

The base is complete of metal which is pretty strong, and the wheels are also smooth and have no problems in rotating whatsoever. It is also adjustable to a height of 8 cms which is most suitable for maximum people.

The material used backside is good quality leather, but for the parts directly touching the chair, they have used the fabric coverings, which in our opinion is the best part as it provides more longevity as compared to leather, The neck rest pillow is also comfortable.

The seat design is excellent, provides more seating space, and even makes you comfortable while sitting cross-legged.

Coming to the limber support pillow, it is good with soft fibre in it but maybe somewhat thick for some of the users, but it is negligible.

This Greensoul Office chair provides a unique locking system which they have named the “Deer- Mechanism & Newly Engineered Frog Mechanism.” The S variant comes with “Deer Mechanism” & the T Variant comes with “Newly Engineered Frog Mechanism”. Which in our opinion is a steller of work in the locking department as it provides a new of locking the seat up. Unlike the basic lock system, it allows you to lock the seat in the tilted position, and you can also adjust the lock’s strength from the bottom of your chair.

You can easily arrange the chair by videos provided on the green soul website.





The gaming/office chair by GREEN SOUL is the Premium gaming chair product. The green soul is known to provide premium products and is one of the best in the business. The gaming chair is all you might need if you are a hardcore gamer who spends most of your time near the desktop. It saves your body from fatigue, back pain and many more such effects caused by your body due to sitting for an extended period of time; hence it increases your workability.

The Monster series gaming/office chair comes with an excellent design, strong fabric, great body and most importantly, it is made in a specific way to reduce your body strain due to sitting. While the chair may be on a bit higher side of the price range, but it is worth every penny and very well justifies the price tag. In our opinion, it is the go through product right now if you are instantly looking for one.



Best Premium Gaming/Office Chair

The GREEN SOUL office chair is of premium quality with a great range of comfort with it. The new Armrest feature and deer mechanism are just top of the world. It is a product to give a shot.





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